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contiguous abdominal wall or more rarely on the parts sur

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Towards the termination of the disease hemorrhages occur

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The Mating Season. What is the nature of spooning Has

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returned that love a thousand fold. She is all I desired and

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propriate and may be produced in small animals by warm

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popular medical instruction. These people are not prudes that

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gambiensis. It greatly resembles the parasite of nagana and is also

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be every few minutes. The pain will immediately cease and

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by Bang when he succeeded in infecting six calves by feeding

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there exists any kind of a relation between infectious anemia

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Prevention. This consists in keeping non immune animals

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Although the possiBility of recovery from tuberculosis has

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the shedding of the necrotic deposits heal reluctantly and the

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atoxyl has been used successfully for several years. Ziemann

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the fact that man who in infected localities drinks only filtered water

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Fihrisf as one of the Persian books on Medicine after

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and consumption are known to run in families for generations.

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