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tion of the ulcers of the tongue are sufficient to differentiate
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a few cases however vaccination seemed to have a favorable influence and even
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and bran or flour gruels. If this condition becomes aggra
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which are not however characteristic. In larger animals rectal
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produce a very large number of mothers quite incapable of feed
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oped with symptoms of high fever and purulent nasal catarrh and led
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mouth its tip usually being ulcerated and covered with a foul
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selves also by the ingestion of blood from affected or of meat
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of half to three quarters of an hour after which the patient
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Womb The organ in woman which conceives and nourishes
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Most unfavorable is the course in those cases in which dur
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and in the same manner branching threads of mycelium may
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and thick the shoulders broad the chest full and the head and
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even after one year Theiler and sometimes even after 21 2
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with losses up to 75 further by the marked predominance of the
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and competent attendant being usually able to exercise sufficient
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Treatment. This consists essentially in limiting the supply
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of pain. On rectal exploration the bladder is found half filled
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to rise again to its feet more often it is necessary to return
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found the bacillus coli communis in association with other bac
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be observed such as loss of consciousness and muscular con
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tissue from the vessel wall takes place which may eventually fill
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did but severe judge in the understanding and a warm and par
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dyspnea attacks of asphyxia during motion delayed change of the hair
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case of tuberculosis to the proper authorities whereupon it
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membrane of the vagina or urethra as well as by dropping it
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ing of metabolism in persons affected with obesity. This diminu
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cutaneously. Paralysis may be treated with massage alcohol
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and often of cure in most cases where no structural change has
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stones hair feathers pieces of leather etc. the mucous mem
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bride. With delicate consideration he should strive to spare her
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the great man lost his temper accused him of fraud and
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the fact that the most susceptible and the least resistant animals
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creased on the right side in horses a contraction is observed
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third. The pulse wave is sluggish its growth may be followed
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in the organs that are susceptible to immediate investigation permit the
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and progressive though not always equally pronounced tuberculosis
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bacterial infections of the bladder. On the other hand Gotz maintains
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phosphates. Acids and indol are not produced. Certain cultural differ
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hypophysis cerebri all these sugar regulating organs being in com
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was established with certainty only two died. Eecovery is
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Among new formations in the kidneys there are found especially

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