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tion of the scrotum and jienis in the inferior groove of

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vertioulum. After the separation of the cord there was

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He also knew of another dying on the table some weeks

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acute mania in which the psychical conditions are more

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paraplegia. lie linally reports the case of a woman of 00 in

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scar of the original wound incised and the wound carefully

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respondent obtained many favors whereby our report was

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in looking through the literature of the recorded cases. In

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tary posts in time of peace as judged by the typhoid

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duty to go into details but it may be permitted to me

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because all important vessels which were wounded did not

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and j gt ei tones have hitherto been attributed to a spe

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ant Demonstrator in the Laborat lt jry of Operative Surgery

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milk which occurs in relatively large ijuantities is

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this disease and syphilis seemed to have some effect. Organic

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Sanitarians have long felt that their science has be

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autopsy on the body of her mother. The principle is

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make a study with the object of determining what if

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a tumor of the stomach that wsis partially surrounded by a

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habit and itxauepensiun is followed by a return of the itching.

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lieved that the whole i ue8tion turned upon the integrity of

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ihman. In the evening the corporators and the faculty

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which had been treated for years as hysteria. The patient

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most sensible verdict for the defendant a result with which

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edge acquired from these isolated and rather rare cases it is

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original report but we do not hesitate to say that it is

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lessness which attends that condition so generally

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bacteriologic studies in this group and in this tubercle bacilli

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prominent affections of the right side of the abdomen

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