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not at all altered in consistency or form. Painful endome

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fied that she had received the title of C. S. from the

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these 10 were pure streptococcus 2 were mixed with anaero

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the process began in the left eye and in days was as severe

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rapidly fainter toward the right edge of the sternum

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many of the animals upon which the experiments were

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the existence of any of them without dissection. Anasto

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the desirability of such a law nevertheless in order to obtain

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pressed out by the movements of the heart. He then takes

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former almost being entitled to be classed as an animal. He

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ported by Pampoukis and t honiatianos. Faginoti re

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arrest for putting up a mixture which would result in the

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for tenants and can be erected at a saving of 25 in

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that for every case of tyi hoid fever somebody ought

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vantage in using this mixture. Tne same observation ap

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Chamberlain made an excellent speech expressing his opin

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vousness weakness liver disease death the result. Such in

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divisions or classes of lithemics and in each of these

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with a dislocated spine and hip which were being properly

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cis Hospital October 15th suffering from a strangu

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it having been demonstrated that extraneous nonpatho

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Forty eight hours after the onset of the paralysis there waa

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pass immediately into specialism. The man who is both

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peculiarities of environment. He believes that this individ

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ington D. C Philadelphia and Baltimore was repiorted to

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interval between two pausee while in the second ca e it is

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in those cases in which distinct alterations were present in

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Professor Tillanx considered tliat in many cases a waiting policj

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you that not only is the human race a debtor to the

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tion in order to reach the ground more conveniently with

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the profession as they are of the patient and the com

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not specially toxic but is of vital importance for the bac

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toxin serum but the uncertainties concerning its effi

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phthisis and if extremely rapid of e.xophlhalmic goiter.

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ditions for an important operati jn is generally as follows

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Internal hemorrhages have been of occasional occurrence

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above the city. The Yukon Coiuicil is planning a system ol

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gynecic surgery in the United Slates. There has been a re

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with appropriate ceremonies May 20 under the auspices of

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There was extending over the bridge of tbe nose and upon

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citis. He believed that on account of its insidious onset peri

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the disposal of the surgeon as is that of the woman abroad.

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The New York liet islature has passed what is known

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of the attack. If the origin is catarrhal and treatment

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tissues even postmortem have the power of decomposing the

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agulability of the bloixl. The net that cases of prurigo are

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ducing this subject Prof. Cursc hmakn of Leipzig said that

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philic granules did not have the typical size but took

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