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to Schouten it is quite prevalent among the goats in the Nether

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Fibiger amp Jensen this characteristic is inconstant.

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It has likewise not been definitely established whether the disease

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for days. Such exercise lowers the general vitality instead of

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lished the etiological importance of the streptococci which are present

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It is well to apply a drying or disinfecting salve to the skin

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sigillata Boswellia thurifera and Dragon s Blood and his sickness

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a bacterial acute infectious disease with a simple hyperleucocytosis

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disappointing if seized on in an arbitrary coarse or brutal man

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animals from the rectum in smaller animals through the abdom

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Thus the first section of the first discourse of the first

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important that a doctor s opinion of the condition of the heart

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justifies the conclusion that the animal in question is infected

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Prevention In order to prevent the introduction of the

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is still unknown in man repeatedly an insufficient development

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after the fifth day. Vallee obtained similar results by feeding infected

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ing the development of the eruptions extensive hemorrhages ap

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in brine Klepzow. Glycerin acts as a preservative of tuberculous organs Galtier.

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On the other hand the pectoral and the mixed form has a

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two weeks after the animal in question has been removed from exposure. From

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dance of milk one of the consequences of this is convulsions.

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he carried through several generations of cattle. After such inoculations in the

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The described clinical picture of rabies in dogs is in some

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which are frequently exposed to inundations to such an extent

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repeated injections of mallein made at short intervals. In

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coagulum remains loose for a longer time so that only a rela

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not give rise to acute symptoms. Further chronic endocarditis

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the relatively long incubation as the toxin has to be carried to the

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In some cases small gray or grayish green nodules or even

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indifference of women to their personal appearance. Often

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organism may also be found in the affected lymph glands in

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dried with a soft rag. I have known this wash to cure obstinate

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ulated late meals avoided and the amount of drink limited

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other ancient learning began to pour into the Muham

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cutaneous test. It cannot be denied of course that the applica

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Extensive outbreaks among sheep were observed in 1862 in Poland

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Attention to the Mother. When the after birth has come

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than by leading the conversation into such a channel as may

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second hand anatomy a careful study of the works of

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column near the kidneys as well as in the liver and the spleen

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with losses up to 75 further by the marked predominance of the

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Headaches may arise from too much blood in the brain or

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transformed into greenish yellow sticky smeary cheesy masses

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Car bon ic ac id A gas expelled from the lungs when breath

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In Chronic Inflammation the diet must receive especial

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Passion Not the Motive. It is popularly supposed among men

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Bowinghausen recognized the contagious nature of the disease

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unselfish love for both sexes all ages all races rich and poor

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clinical cases of the disease were taken into consideration. At

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sults. The innumerable remedies in use for the removal of these

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Colts should not be fed with bran at all or only in small

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sort. If the uremic attack is recovered from the treatment must

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Blood sucking bugs are supposed to transmit the natural infection to

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can usually be done consists in attending to his diet excretions

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The weakness of the hind parts is only characteristic of

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ceal the fact that in many instances the husband s dislike of a

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from diphtheria. Generally it is best to treat the patient as if

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tion and trembling. If urged further it finally collapses and

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Des qua ma tion A scaling off as the cuticle in flakes.

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