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perhaps slight cellular infiltration between the tubuli uriniferi and fibrinous exuda

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The mucous membranes on the inner surface of the lips

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Pathogenesis. The obstruction of large arterial trunks pro

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short thick acid fast rods were present while the examination gave negative results

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Ruined by Bad Books. An eighteen year old girl living in

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the urinary bladder. In cattle changes exceptionally develop in the

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skull etc. while the gums show destructive ulceration. The

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the appearance of maxillary paralysis is produced Figs. 164

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of large stables developed exclusively on the skin while the mouth

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theria. Its action is to destroy the poisons produced in the

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unfavorable results which are observed in flocks suffering from natural

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elasticity and adheres more firmly to the underlying structures

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gaseous exchanges in the lungs are not sufficient in spite of

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the countenance of one of seventy caused solely by intense

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similar in their anatomical structure the infectiousness of the true

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longata high temperature polyuria and diabetes. After a time

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Dieckerhoff employed intratracheal injections of Lugol s solution

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ness springs forth from the region I have indicated and radiates

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