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nizes that certain articles of food and drink especially taken late
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A change in climate should be tried from moist to dry from
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products of diseased persons and horses which produced glanders in
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cavity either remains of normal thickness or appears to he
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As convalescence is established the food must be more nutri
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it must not be forgotten that pleurisy and pericarditis may occa
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down on the surface of the stomach and allay its irritability
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As long as the disease is confined to the skin the general
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Duboue in 1879 as a rule along the nerve tracts of the involved
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Thrombosis of the Pulmonary Artery. The obstruction of the pul
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the result of their having already passed through an attack
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man the second of the spirit or spiritual man and the third of
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or less weakened and if the disease does not turn toward im

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