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hogs 10 days after the recovery of the animals. Warnesson

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hygienic conditions pure air and dry weather the losses are

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becomes the sacred obligation of wise teachers noble fathers and

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discharge and redness at the opening of the urethra the

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In the Same Bed. Should husband and wife sleep in the

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development of chest. The hair is generally soft and fine and

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saliva of the affected animals if the vesicles have appeared in

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tion of the erythroblastic tissues in the bone marrow further

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Eecently Ferni claimed that the causative agent is a protozoon 0.5 in size

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back as the patient s breathing is not then impeded by their

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caught and which they proceeded to roast and eat after

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Pla cen ta The organ by which the fetal blood and the maternal

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Spain France Germany and Algeria where the disease runs

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cording to Lyford and Bitting this same disease occurs quite frequently

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