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hronic cases owing to want of room in the infirmaries so

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for how long a time it had been unrecognized and then de

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tumbling down. This term was applied to the condition

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tunities for escape from the destructive effects of high

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mass. A radical operation is necessary. It is not enough

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Prognosis is of course hopeless as regards cure treatment

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no changes. The peripheral nerves exhibited very marked

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duty the right of the author is that the facta he gives shall

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Jegan to rise. The HB therefore continued to diminish

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that they cannot be regarded as either retention products or

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College of Physicians of London for example the Goul

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of the clavicular portion of the pectoralis major and of a

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gow to found a prize for original or special work in anatomi

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the point of maximum curvature J over the pelvis and

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which had existed since her eighteenth year. During the pre

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ened and thrown oil. If delay is imperative for any reason

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tissue. Dr. Newcomli could hardly accept the truth of the

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sent a prescription signed either Dr. Buck or Dr. Hen

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in America and but about 10 in Europe. His patient was a

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In the tifth edition of this work every effort has been made

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The meeting closed with a. vote of thanksto the manage

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ated and it has been estimated that only about one third of

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there are a number of preparations whose composition is

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The Forms of Myocarditis to be introduced by Professor

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time.cutting them down to a sixteenth or a twentieth of a grain.

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the pericardium or peritoneal cjivity. Samples of blood from the

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fracture or dislocation and that it does not always

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and important lesson regarding the care of the teeth punc

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that one of the things to do was to cure the doctor oli

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in about 2 months. Histologic examination of an e.xcised

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ployed the term to indicate a fever recurring at intervals of

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those for whom in spite of the ab.sencc of suflicient inc jme

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charge of the physiological work at the Faculty of Medi ine

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cised for the prominence given to personal sensations for

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tissue with more or less evidence of gummatous degenera

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