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been confined to the researches of only a few investi
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was artually attempted the patientsuddenly stopped hreath
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Bhould be delivered to the medical profession. The ad
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to the joints alreatly spoken of though the musi le soreness
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my thinking nothing in it is more wonderful than the
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at the point of injection. The serum is also reported to de
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both. If the jirocess is especially marked in the latter
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water before and after each surgical operation. A solu
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after the receipt of the injury a part of the field service
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the number of deaf relatives is larger than that of hear
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confirmed by Oppenbeim. Therefore resection of the pylo
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tiva this last appearing as a circumscribed suppurative
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transferred from thence to equal parts of alcohol and
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April was 11 well known Irish character. He lind a large
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a graduate of Christian Science. The other son Pascal
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tient should be placed on the commode to empty tlie bladder
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o. By means of careful bicycling the patient s sugar was
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belongs to the hereditary type of Leyden Mobius. The
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without any sacrifice of his own self respect or resort
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It the patient has a weak constitution we must be guarded
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also succeeded in isolating virulent anthrax bacilli.
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Dk. iEORGE A. HiMMELSBAnt read a paper entitled Ma
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The cases are those reported in the I ennityU anIa Medi
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occurred lasting a few minutes. The patient became almost
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manifested were simply those induced by the irritant action
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stances is not debarred from taking the case if the
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a slate of extreme uncertainty as to the causal factors in
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Mving tlie cell body and their hranchtfi are covered by
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of the suspicion which attached to them. The first hint that
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a tonsil is really a pathologic product which ho viewed as h
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and it is even a greater sin to educate medical studenl
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Boston that the diplococcus is difficult to demonstrate
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lad a sore throat for.3 weeks there were several small ulcers
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characteristic rales ceased and from the sputum the tubercle
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confuse if the major part is delivered and the smaller part
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niotlicine the profession will not make a j gt lace for him
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not similarly j rotected there were 23 469. Again our
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medical officers or of acting assistant surgeons. In a few
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of Deiters may cause rigidity or spasms of the same side of
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colonists and the sparse population of a new country.
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desert climate but on life in the open air in thinly popu
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water. We are glad to know that this great public need so
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in application but introduced in the interests of two men
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condition. It is a temporary precaution against the danger
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uses filled with clotted blood the blood vessels on
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that will arise in the progress of the discussion of the
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had not been for the mothers of the children. They seemed
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with sufficient bouillon to form a thin paste. Thin
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cised in 3 ditlerent places at 3 diflerent times and at each
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Connor of Detroit From the papers that have l een pre
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lluid withdrawn. Following this the ffuid continued to

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