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itself in extensive maculate swelling and reddening and a profuse

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Medical Conservatism. Learned professions habituated to

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prolonged and excessive muscular exertion being recognized as

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or even the controlling factor then the environment and condi

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underlying condition. In copious bleeding hemostatic remedies

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The Outer Dress. In color unity of tint gives repose if

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relieved by small doses of mild laxatives and the diet must be

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nodules the diagnosis should be made with care as the lymph

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sulted in an elevation of the temperature followed later by hypothermia

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appear very pale pink colored in severe cases almost milky

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local doctors. Avicenna though his identity was then

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system a malformation of the brain is a sure sign of want in

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a matter of surprise that prostration does not occur more

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pronounced on the second or third day and they may persist until

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itic effeminacy a submission to bondage the spring of the will

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young chicks frequently only 40 50 according to Sahli drops

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ing vegetables occasionally act in a similar way. Mental emo

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the human economy. But these theoretical views are of little

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Some Medical Prescriptions for Gonorrhea. The highest

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which were pathogenic for rabbits guinea pigs and mice. The treatment

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dwells in the loins as heaven is above hell. Love has its seat

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aqueous constituents. In completely suppressed ingestion of

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or with chronic arthritis. On the other hand the absolute dis

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affected with characteristic acute changes of pleuro pneumonia and that the lymph

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and serous membranes were in reality neoplasms sarcomata which might

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remittent character in the further progress of the disease.

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be kept equally warm and the clothing should be carried with

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to true love. The sexual elements in all such become diseased

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career by the celebrated translator of Greek medical

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