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association adopted the following preamhle and resolutions
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cows can be sold only after having been boiled for 10
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termed hygroscopic water. Wool greatly exceeds either
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disprove his statement since in a few instances it has cer
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wlien an attack of cystitis has supervened. He believes that
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their point of greatest intensity was at the base slightly
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becoming more and more nonalcoholic. Drunkenness the
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working upon the isolation of the active principle of
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cases of appendicitis in which the abscess in connection with
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be stimulated instead of the ventricle the result at first ap
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of the case however was that during the first operation
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Itis as the result of drinking large draughts of cold water
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his joints were swollen and painful his respirations quick
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torial of the Rerieic or such cataclysmic change that
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cellent. Hddlnioscr by exclusion arrives at a diagnosis of
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after as practicahle. The surface of fecal matter should be.
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ately above the sternum. There w is a tiekling sensation
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sick in Southern camps and have everything ready on tV
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that the public owes their disappearance or limitation
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Development. licculiar familiar arr lt sl of. wrtlcu
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course we may regulate each patient s diet and exercise
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tagion in the daily neeils of the general jniblic tli
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of circumstantiality. As soon as air entered the ear the patient
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It papers read upon that suhject. In the address of the
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Artificial respiration was continued far 30 minutes wheil
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not show any prostration other than from loss of sleep.
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tions with other departments are deemed necessary the students are encouraged to attend
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less or attended by varying degrees of pain. The intensity
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Hospital Corps desirable meti from mustered out volunteer
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compatible with the assumption that brain contusion was
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svniptonisgraduallv increased and he had tympanites epis
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welfare is the quintessence of all crime and injustice.
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it needs no further comment a differential diagnoeis
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that he has found chloral especially efElcacious in the
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goiter and lumbago. In states of mental depression Robin
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during a prolonged immersion of a hide in a solution
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and paralyses. Another possible accident is opening of one
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This has been published in the Jouk.nal April 29 page 939.
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Wool does this but what is to be emphasized is that it
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in any way affect or modify the use of the chloral.
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there was bleeding at only one ear. Deafness in one case
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