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The susceptibility of cattle to the disease varies greatly

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The convalescence lasts from 2 3 weeks and the symptoms

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broken down tissue elements. Cover glass preparations stained with aqueous aniline

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Female animals are generally more susceptible than males.

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allow a beef steak and glass of porter if only they could be

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as definite evidence. Accepting this as a basis other processes

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are known to induce the premature expulsion of the child. If

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the outbreak frequently causes considerable difficulty.

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hard work will descend to the progeny. We have had proof

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necessary to complete narcosis is greatly reduced by this

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with in the latter for the reason that they have been exposed

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the Hypodectes columbarum which exists as a parasite in the

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the body also small hemorrhages in the serous and mucous

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It has afforded me particular pleasure to be allowed

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indicate that the streptococcus of strangles in spite of its

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ment animals which resulted in their death within 48 to 50 hours. The

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and remains also for a short time after this has disappeared.

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different forms of pox experiments prove that horses and cattle

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about being married as it is for birds to sing and flowers to

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ties or indeed all extremities at all. They seem paralyzed

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