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be ascertained only approximately by considering the basic

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inflammatory local affections. If ulcers have already developed

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of Negri bodies as products of degeneration besides their specificity

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following these the spleen the liver testes bone marrow and

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lead to aversion. Bad smelling persons are exceedingly dis

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Susceptibility. Among the domestic animals solipeds are

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sionally gain entrance into the circulation from tuberculous foci

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being as high in some instances as 1 070. Drops of the urine

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countries lying south and east the disease occurs even now in

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the diarrhea is accompanied with much colicky pain and flatu

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bacillus. Further support comes from Cob.bett who found a bacillus

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disease is very beneficial as the animals after a few days

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Moore and Galli Valerio found the same organism in the diphtheritic

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Re lapse Return of a disease after an improved condition.

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