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this test is quite valuable for diagnostic purposes especially

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Croats are likewise only susceptible to the contagion of

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rumenotomy. Finally this parasite may gain entrance into

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by lympho hematogenous infection is yet an open one. While some

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that were possible without imminent danger. The law of nature

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on tlie epiglottis on the mucous membrane of the trachea and

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ness of the hind parts becomes apparent only after months.

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in Denmark Sweden and Norway but also in Germany where it has succeeded

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subcutaneously with filtered cholera blood frequently develop

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a horse by replacing the accustomed grain feed by oats bran

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desire for offspring impregnation and conception follow and

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able. In the typical cases the disease lasts two to four weeks

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Is chu ri a Retention of or great difficulty in passing the urine.

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he described her that he had married a woman who was him

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with advantage in many cases thus if the prescription three

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in the earth. Earth that has been freed of its infective char

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or epithelial casts also occasional red or white blood corpuscles.

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The atoxyl solution must be freshly prepared at each application by boiling

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quarantine of the other animals. Camels have introduced the disease from India

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and foot threw him into the boat and carried him across

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conditions as it is known that the disease runs a slower course

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invalid fare and should always be made with milk if it can be

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intravenously with quantities up to 8000 g. of streptococci culture and

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fection of the lungs. Great importance should be attributed

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become customary in many districts to promote the fattening

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as this is called should not be aimed at and if this symptom

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Recently a strangles serum which is prepared in Rome according

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Opposition. Failure to follow its technique was the reply

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cine used with a patent inhaler. While this does not cure

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out by eliminating the affected animals upon the basis of the outcome

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horse in infected localities should be subjected to a quarantine

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have proved repeatedly that hog cholera may be limited to

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Etiology. Eegarding the nature of the virus it is at present

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to make the recovery complete all trypanosomes even the latent forms

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pathological disturbances but when larger branches were obstructed

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This Is our Highest Ideal our notion of that perfect love

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Persons of all ages are liable to take scarlet fever but chil

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Christian Jewish or Magian faith. Some four or five

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