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contribute to the aggravation of the already existing septic condition.

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phthisis. The mucous membrane surrounding the point of rup

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the crisis comes. The patient is very ill with high tempera

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thin strips and shred across with a sharp knife or it may be

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lectures which I had the honour of delivering before

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subtoxic doses at the height of the febrile attack. For ponies of

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the interventricular septum Dieckerhoff and in such cases

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characteristic sharply defined borders resembling holes made

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which the daily amount of food stuffs which in spite of un

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The familiar marks observed on the skins of certain individuals

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volved the overlying skin. Tuberculosis may also occur in

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by the development of innumerable tubercles in the lungs with

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Fig 187. C uiflinc Dilatation. Enormously increased cardiac dullness on the right

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pyogenic bacteria are particularly important in this respect

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observed that even when this remedy was employed at the earliest

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purulent nephritis by preparing the soil for the localization

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excited surely bring about a similar debility with a like tend

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logical process frequently commences in the follicles occasionally however the

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northern countries Middle Europe the disease not infrequently

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that are forcibly expelled from the lungs in the act of sneezing

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dry on the surface nor wet and sodden. Fresh meat turns a piece

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drooping of the affected wing is slight at first but soon be

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minate in worse than death in insanity or fatuity and carries

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Another consequence of l S Temperature curve in acute endocarditis

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may be aspirated through the laryngeal opening into the deeper

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of the forms above mentioned Parascandolo cites experiments in which

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the disease may sometimes even pass unnoticed in the larger

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inflammation of the external genital organs develops in which

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after the internal administration of balsamics and of resinous

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is distributed by the public powers and posted conspicuously in

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gradual aggravation of the general condition. Finally in rare

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usually causes pain in the loin of the affected side which spreads

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ness of a horse suffering with tetanus or by hair ropes manure

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selection. The end to be aimed at is harmony. There can be

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small depressions with ragged outlines. Hairs or masses of


covery from the disease has been observed now and then to

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enters the blood is later however also bound by constantly in

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Flux Diarrhea an unnatural flow of some fluid from the body.

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not become prevalent to a great extent and where hogs were

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of the disease causes no change whatever sometimes for 1 to

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named investigators succeeded also in obtaining cultures of the human type of

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Soon the symptoms of paralysis become marked first in the

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yards by means of which they receive the virus upon their

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of the skin. This throws work upon the integument which it is

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have strong tendency to that disease which might be fostered

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be seen only by aid of the microscope but amply large enough

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pure cultures consist of cocci streptococci and morula shaped bodies further short

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foci of loose consistency in which are imbedded grayish or

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under similar conditions and exposed in the same manner a few

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matters of religion avenged themselves to some extent

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Etiology. The causative factor of the disease belongs to

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them is soon ruined that they are incapable of evolving

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ing inability to articulate plainly dimness of vision and stupor

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ing is persisted in it leads to sexual excitement. This causes

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of the chicken spirochaete which are also transmitted to chickens by the Argas

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the tissues contained numerous tubercle bacilli tuberculous

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it lasts only from 3 4 weeks Kohlstoek and the inoculation occa

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stomach and the intestines is markedly injected the mesenteric

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process probably arises from an insufficient nutrition of the tis

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over without any treatment after complete rest is secured and

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ing infection with glanders Preisz Nocard. Pigeons and

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sufficient. This is called Hemophilia which freely translated

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allay the vomiting and diarrhea relieve the cramps and restore

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surface the substance and the lining membrane of the womb

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mixed with the food small scattered tuberculous nodules developed in the cervical

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Anemia. Anemia is a disease of the blood in which it becomes

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are not so marked and the necrotic processes are either absent

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the affection has occurred in connection with an infectious dis

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very variable in nature produce symptoms which differ in

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