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Bureau of Health with a cabinet officer at its head.
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The library to day is surpassed in number of volumes by
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sdntion of chloral hydrate of moderate strength say
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of fistula in ano. He has always succeeded in obtaining per
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school chiKlren. The rapidly pro ressive deterioration in the
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euccissful total e.xtirpalion of a carcinomatous stomach has
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consideration advertised as the public can determine the
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The Society for Improving the Condition of the Poor
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years is nne of the causes of tlie prevalence of disease among
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then the querj. What is the toxin As the final lluids were
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ordered to ialveston Tex. for transportation to the department
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physician for such treatment as may be indicated. Too
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the result is not known. Of 20 patients alive and well
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and to the nondisinfection of excreta. The inadequacy
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himself and he believes that a striking reduction in the mor
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a hundred fold it would simply be of the nature of cumu
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and the bleeding free a quantity of cocain equal to 14 grains
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Tlie small anterior opening left was closed l gt y three sutures.
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lines and gravity lias no ellect upon them. They move in a
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iit intirelyand unequivocally. The Journal is simply
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that the importance of diagnosis being evident in cases of
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by scurvy. Until the researches of physicians showed
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time of the vear. Another disadvantage is the absence of
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of the neck. If the pain is severe the patient should be
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Our false modesty in the past has been too pronounced and
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Friendlv sixieties me lt li lt Bl profession and 1390
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ed and all diseased tissue removed. 4 A portion of the
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report of cases was a paper by Dr. Tho.mas Hlbkard of
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microscopic examination of the organs yielded practi
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chill. When he feels compelled to use a curet he prefers an
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peace and war he empowered to call into requisition the services o
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physician like his Chinese brother will be paid for
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at Willard s Hotel where special rates will be given to mem
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inserted. By the use of some antiseptic powder such as
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to l gt e purely a transperitoneal operation without injury to
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habitual use of the ROntgen rays. Out of 54 cases coming
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diseases yearly given by 10 members of the department. Additional
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iodids. The preparation was generally taken without repug
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she saw things double for some hours after recovering from
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the resulting gas in distilled water then test portions of
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and that the case in some respects resembled arsenical mul
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details the technic of the various operations so far em
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more favored schools. In the congested districts twice
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pietit mal. The fourth patient a girl of 20 had curious at
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is possible. Unfortunately destitution very often comes from
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thorough but possession of the head of the femur and
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In the treatment of the insane the neurologist and gynecolo

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