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maineil good. If after such a period of abstinence water

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defect in the cheek or at the corner of the mouth mav be

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that the common custom of swathing infants in tight ban

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than 2 1 1 ca.scs of protracted malaria and these furnished a

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Congress whereby a systematic and organized depart

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the pain disappeared and the condition of the joint greatly

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must be subdivisions in the practice. I think that one of

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clear 2 it has marked bactericidal action which it does noi

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hemorrhage or pcwsibly atrophy of the optic nerve may fol

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them being painful menstruation irregular menstruation

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nary remarks proceede lt l to show views of the buildings and

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ringworm. A smear slide from the pus failed to show micro

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present Pbarrnacopoia to a careful revision and tliat their delegates

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nous pleurisy is not so important a physical sign as

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in it of the Chic.igo diploma mill which guarantees

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P ition was an important symptom. He differentiated be

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that in 50 of the cases the lesions were multiple and that

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his money wa.s all one and that then they had refused

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dition improved but the urticaria of the tongue did not.

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sinuses and porosities cannot be removed by any of the ordi

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the food l v means of lies the conditions being especially

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stated that a chemical examination was necessary to

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moval which would probably result in permanent cure. This

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lerated as such. The vaginal orifice was barely sufficient to

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income covers the running e.xpenses and repairs the business

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Disastrous results followed and in one case disablement

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tier the arrival at head iuartcrs in Augusta I was ordered to

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Bbusino Charles acting assistant surgeon will proceed from New

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fellowman a greater gift of usefulness. Such thoughts

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active ingredients and their proportions and which is ad

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of descriptive lists and neces.sarj lists of patients and to

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ities are that the feces have been contaminated with urine.

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ing sinuses are found and tlie relation between the disease

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measures some can be applied by individual efforts others

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been reported to have followed gonorrheal urethritis gono

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manual dexterity to learn additional techniques and to hear

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mations of the joints in rare cases. In two cases re

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dura was very tense bulged did not pulsate the cranial

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The experimental introduction of 1 cc. of a young bouil

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lucontinence of Urine. A case occurring in a syphi

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over the site of each of the ulcers. There were numerous

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with Ut albuminuria in the first patient the urine contained

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removed measured 38 cm. it was filled with tumors of

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grains of strychnin have been swallowed and yet failed

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meet properly all ilemands that may he made upon them.

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Snyder J. J. assistant surgeon detached from the W abash and

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The only cases in which we can say that such a com

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